Steinhatchee - Scallop madness!

I know this isn't in our region, but this is great fun and if you haven't gone scalloping- GO!


Some friends of ours have a place in Steinhatchee Landing (which is an awesome spot- and invited us up for some fishing and scalloping. We got there Friday night after dark and got ready for fishing the next morning. We caught one short (spot-less) redfish and missed a few others. Came back in for lunch and a recharge and picked up a few more people and headed to the scallop spot and were on them almost immediately. I wasn't keeping track of time but we quickly had our 10 gallon limit and headed home.

Sunday we went out again and found the same thing- lots and lots of scallops. We had our limit in a few hours and came back in to get headed back home.




  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,481 AG
    looks like everyone had fun....

    If I still had young'uns I'd do, it is easier and cheaper to buy a lb of them already cleaned.
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  • Kim ChiKim Chi Posts: 307 Deckhand
    Nice job, DeHaven! Thanks for the report, I am headed there in a few weeks with the family for our first trip to Steinhatchee. Hope we have the same results.
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  • moose3240moose3240 Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Haven't done this in a few years, but man those are some quality memories! Great job and thanks for the report and trip down memory lane! :)
  • wingbreakerwingbreaker Posts: 150 Deckhand
    I went scalloping in Crystal River for the first time last year. It is some of the most fun on the water I've ever had. It is just a total zen kind of activity. I love it. Wish I could go this year...
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