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Will be in Destin for vacation mid/late August and looking to get my nephews (9 & 11) on the saltwater for the first time. Not knowing how they will fair with the boat, I am torn between taking them for a shorter trip to the gulf or just fishing the bays. Whichever is likely to have the most action will probably be best for them regardless of size or species. I would appreciate feedback on either of these trips from anybody with experience. Any guide recommendations (or more important – ones to avoid)? I am unfamiliar with the peak seasons in FL, so any info on what to expect out of either trip would be helpful (a.k.a. if there is a high likelihood we will get skunked on one in the dead of summer, I would like to avoid it).



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    In my opinion, with kids that age it's more important for them to have fun & catch fish, regardless of what kind of fish they are. If you don't know how they will like it of if they can handle the seas without getting sick, I wouldn't chance going out into the Gulf on their first trip. I'd hate for them to get sick, be miserable & not able to fish.....then they might be reluctant to go again. This happened to a co-worker of mine with his two young sons last week in Gulf Shores. It was rough out, they got sick, stayed sick the whole time & never got to fish. So, I'd suggest an inshore trip fishing in the bay for trout, redfish, flounder, etc.

    Although I go to Destin a lot, I don't know of any guides to recommend; so, can't help you there. Maybe stop by Half Hitch Tackle and talk to them......they may can give you some suggestions or point you in the right direction.

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    look at inshore fishing guides can go out in gulf if not rough.
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    I have been knowing L.W. for a while and he is very knowledgeable especially inshore and loves what he does.
    Ive also known Adam for a while and he is your man for anything in the gulf
    Both the guys have facebooks and post there catches there frequently so check them out and you'll see what you can expect. These are the 2 id send my best friends and family too for Destin area if I wasn't available to take them myself.
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