Burris Euro Diamond 1x4x30, 1 MAO red dot, 300.00

It's been to the range fewer time than I have fingers on one hand and in the woods twice. It's been a safe queen in very good condition the mark on the front is from the lock down tape, I'll clean that up. Red dot is great in low light, It was on a 35 rem Marlin and took a doe at a little over 100 yards at dusk. I went with a 2x7 for the 35 and no longer need this one. Price is fair and firm, USPS money order or cash. First "I'll take it for the asking price" gets it. Will meet FTF in Dade Co. or ship on your dime, should be less than 10 bucks.
"Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".


  • lilwoodylilwoody Posts: 1,076 Officer
    A little drop, I'll throw in the shipping. This would be a excellent scope for a AR platform. The 1X is a true 1 and with the red dot it gives you the best of both worlds. A red dot and the ability to have magnification. It also carries Burris life time warranty. I paid 399 plus shipping
    "Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".
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