PC report - July 4th, 2015......ROUGH!!

Well, opening weekend of gag grouper season had us planning on going out a ways to the SE yesterday. Those plans changed dramatically when we cleared the rocks at about 6am & saw what awaited us. Man, was it rough out there.......solid 4's, 5's, & a few 6's; not the 2-ft or less forecasted. Decided to troll around the buoys for a little while to see if we could pick up a King or two while we also formulated game plan B & hoped it would lay down a little.....it didn’t & no kings were to be had. It was also about that time that our bottom machine decided to not show us anything. Turns out to be a transducer problem. Good thing our secondary unit was working fine......good investment last year. Always something with a boat!

Original plan was to head out about 35-nm to the SE. Too rough for us to do that....outside of our comfort range & waves like that had me queasy for the first couple of hours. We did keep easing out in that direction & hit a few spots a lot closer in......all to no avail. Since we really didn’t have any good spots in that direction that were closer in inside state waters, we moved to plan C. Made a long run back to the west to some spots we did have in state waters in that direction. We had caught a few decent red snapper & red grouper in that area earlier this summer before being overrun by triggerfish. Well, I guess the triggerfish have eaten all of the ARS’s & RG’s because that’s all we caught......one trigger after another. Which was fun but, not what we were after & couldn’t fill the box with them. My little nephew did have a blast catching them on a small bass rod.....so, that was cool. We could literally watch them on our bottom machine swarm up off the bottom to get to our baits & only had to drop down about 30-ft to get hooked up. Crazy! Anyway, we know where to go to get some triggers next year if they ever re-open the season!! LOL!!

The seas did finally lay down a little in the afternoon. And, I did manage one keeper king.....on a speed jig of all things. It was just average size; so, no photos of it. Was a good tug on light spinning tackle.

We’ll be back down in a few weeks to try it yet again. One of these days the stars will align for us........we’ll get calm seas & get to go further out like we want to in order to try deeper water spots. Until then, I hope everyone else catches em up!!

Happy 4th of July !!

P.S.- actual fishing trip on the 3rd, not the 4th.....wrong date in title.

Livin' the Dream !


  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,086 Moderator
    Hey, you went out and back with no injuries or boat problems. That right there is success!

    I've got a feeling your next effort will pan out. Bad and good seem to come in succession.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • stingwraystingwray On the creek Ga, Beach house FL.Posts: 777 Officer
    LilO nice trip and every day on the gulf is a great day, fish are just a bonus. I haven't run a federal trip since 1st week of June. Just running around in state waters working on em red snapper while its open. Here is the skinny; last year red snapper were larger and #'s were less. This year lots more red snapper just smaller (cookie cutters) but lots more of em and fun to catch. My guess is too many red snapper and not enough bait fish. Keep at it good things to come for you'll.
  • Fl-boyFl-boy Posts: 71 Deckhand
    good to see a few trigers
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