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Difficult, Not impossible. Mosquito Lagoon 6/27

I used to loathe fishing on Saturday because of the crowded water but lately that is the only time I can get away.

Much to my surprise then, that with a favorable weather report, I was the only one put in at Eddy Creek today. Was it National Don't Go Fishing Day and I missed the memo? Regardless, it was nice to have that slice of the Lagoon to myself for the most part.

On the water by 6:30 with a little SW wind around 5 mph.
Water clarity is still crap.
Water level is right about where I like it which is low but not too low, ya know?

First stop yields zip. Even bait is scarce. Moving along to the next spot and scare up a single but not much else.
Start to find intermittent schools of BIG mullet. They would be ever-present throughout the day.

Finally! Redfish on the move! They have been some tough customers and have eluded me on the last couple solo outings, putting a sizeable dent in my confidence. But I'm in the right spot and ready to go so it should be like shooting fish in a barrel, right? Not! One after another the whole herd swerves off my bait. A couple years ago and this "look" would have yielded a couple, if not several nice fish caught. Thanks again, flats buzzers! (Gotta blame someone.)

That was a tough blow but it's still early so I remind myself that at least I'm out on the water in beautiful surroundings as a consolation prize.

There's two phrases that came to mind next: One is that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results." And the second is "The only constant is change."

With those thoughts in mind, I decide to look for fish in places I don't normally bother, and change up the tactics a bit. It pays off and I finish the day by 11am going 2 for 2 with the added bonus of seeing both fish take the bait. It had been so long I forgot how enjoyable that little detail actually is. And, the added added bonus of bringing home a redfish to my wife who is not very understanding when I come home empty-handed.

I had posted elsewhere that a few weeks ago I caught a small (16-18") Goliath Grouper on the flats in a different location from where I was today, but poling along I thought I saw what looked to be a really jacked up redfish, like it had banged around the bottom of a boat before being thrown back in the water, slowly cruising through the water. I tossed a paddletail at it but no go. By the time I could figure out what it was (another Goliath) and grab a live bait rod, it was gone. I would hate to see these prolific eating machines take over the Lagoon without any means of population control.


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