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WTB 24-30 CC Budget <50,000

I just sold my 22 Pathfinder and I have to move up in order to get out deeper and to fish more competitively in the tournament trail....yes it is hard to win an offshore tournament in a Bay Boat but we sure finished in top 5 more than once haha. I am looking for a fishing boat not necessarily a prom queen.

Motors can be either 2 or 4 stroke but they cannot be Merc's I am still in therapy from some bad experiences with those devils haha.

Looking for:
-spotting tower or even second station
-large deck and storage
-livewell and fishbox are musts
-Outriggers and toys like Auto-pilot would be great as well.

Yes I know I want all the options and do not have a HUGE wallet, I am looking for someone who is selling or wanting to part with a good boat and give a younger guy a shot at cutting his teeth in tournaments and charters. I don't expect a handout but any help I could get would be appreciated. Let me know if your ready to clean out the garage or toy shed and move up to bigger and better toys. Love the Simrad line of Electronics so if you have something post it and let me know.

Emails can be sent to [email protected]

Thanks again
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