Team Out Fish All 1st place dolphin Horizons Hospice tournament!!!

What an awesome day!! I have fished the Hospice tournament the past 4 years. What a GREAT organization they are! My grandmother was in Hospice a few years ago and they treated us second to none, so having the opportunity to give back to them and do what I love we entered this year. The captain of the boat, Yoan, his grandmother also went to Hospice, recently purchased a sweet Regulator in which we fished for the tournament. The crew included him, his wife Heather, a great friend of ours Mike, my fiance, and myself. Started out meeting Gary from Dynamite to purchase some fresh gogs and a few dozen piulchards. We then headed to the LW pier to hopefully round up some more bait. After netting a few extra we headed out to do some wahoo trolling. Tried that for about an hour with no luck. We decided to reel up and head off shore in search of dolphin. Made the ride east passing lots of scattered weed. Ventured all the way to about 20 miles with nothing really to brag about. Drug some ballyhoo around and again decided to reel up and make another move. We ran in to about 700 ft to some weed patches and tried drifting some live bait...10 minutes a small peanut swims to the boat and my fiance tosses a pilchard to it and shes on! A quick fight and we have put a fish in the box. Another 10 minutes goes by and Mike hollers from the back of the boat "WOW, look at that bull!" I glance back and cannot believe my eyes, he is swimming right to the boat. I grab my fiance "pink" spinner and pitch a live pilchard to the fish off the bow now and he inhales it!!!! FISH ON!!! He takes off and the fight is on. At this point the whole team comes together and works together perfectly. The captain keeping the bow heading to the fish, Mike and the two ladies talking to me keeping me sane as this beast is grey hounding off the bow. After about 30 minutes of tug-a-war he is boat side just out of gaffing range. I slowly bring the fish close enough for Mike to reach out and stick a perfect gaff shot right in the melon. As him and Yoan fight to bring him into the boat is when I realize how big he really is. We get him on the deck and reality sets it!!! Our grandmothers were with us the whole ride and we have now boated what ends up being a 38.5lb bull dolphin to take 1st place in the dolphin category. An unbelievable experience to say the least. Caught by a team of great friends to benefit an outstanding group of people. A huge thanks to all the volunteers, nurses, doctors, and everyone else who makes Hospice possible.


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