Homosassa diving - Snook drive by, goliath mugging and hog heaven. Sat 6-20-15

My crew was Barbara, Alec and Rick. Barbara jus got a new Sealife Micro HD camera for her birthday and was eager to try it out. Rick, Alec and I were eager to shoot some fish. Seas were a little bumpy on the way out, water was 86 degrees, vis was 10' - 15' in 35 foot, 30' to 40' in 45'. Our first drop was on a nice ledge that was home to some goliaths and some nice sized mangos. Barb and I rolled over first and on the way over to the ledge we had to stop and let a large school of BIG snook cross in front of us (see video). We got to the ledge, looked around for a bit and shot some video and pictures then surfaced to let Alec and Rick drop over to shoot some mangos. Alec and rick were down maybe 15 minute when they both popped up and Alec's eyes were big as saucers. We keep our stringers attached to our guns and it seems Alec had a sheepie and a mango on his stringer and had just shot a second mango and was taking it off the spear when a big-*** goliath rushed him and grabbed the stringer on the gun that was floating above head. Alec hung on the spear and mango and had a tug-o-war until the blue coil line gave way and the goliath left with his stringer and gun not to be seen again. Someone is going to find a nice Biller 42" floating off Crystal River. We decided to let the jewfish win that round and looked for a better place to hunt.

We moved out to 45' on another patch reef and Barb and I dropped over. It was covered with nice sized hogs, mangos, and a ton of gags. I got a limit of hogs, two mangos and a fat red grouper that came to watch me put a hog on the stringer. We came up and Rick and Alec rolled in and got 8 more hogs, 2 mangos and a sheepshead. It was a beautiful dive, and a nice haul, all in all a great day (except for losing a gun)

Enjoy the videos and pictures.

Snook drive by and Bad ole mugger:

Bad ending for curious red grouper:


There are some house bricks on the bottom that someone used for weights. A brick is 8", When I scaled the brick in photoshop to measure 8" the Goliath measures out at 98", a big girl for sure!








How many gags can you count in this picture?

How many gags in this one?


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  • wvinfl12wvinfl12 Posts: 247 Deckhand
    AWESOME DAY for you, great video, and great catch an pics......thanks for posting.
  • SuperJoxSuperJox Posts: 248 Officer
    WOW! Great stuff and catches!! What depth were those snook at? I've heard of them congregating at reefs off our coast but its nice to see physical evidence of that ;)
  • butchbalbutchbal Posts: 425 Deckhand
    That school was at 40' but I have run into schools of them in 50 and 60 feet as well.
  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,891 Captain
    Love your pics Butch! That goliath owns that ledge.
  • FishesmanFishesman Posts: 416 Deckhand
    Great pics and vids! Nice to see some shots of healthy looking bottom in those depths. Is there any sign of red tide damage in the areas you're diving?
  • Almost PerfectAlmost Perfect Posts: 528 Officer
    Glad to see that much life in 45'. We dropped a go pro on some of our 55-60 numbers a while back and it was pretty barren.
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  • StandOutI2StandOutI2 Posts: 544 Officer
    Man those snook were big!!!!! Really cool videos! Thanks for sharing!
  • keypondkeypond Posts: 2,017 Officer
    You are the man! Great videos and pics!

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  • huntentailshuntentails Posts: 1,696 Captain
    Great Stuff Butch & Crew
    Thanks for sharing :beer
  • butchbalbutchbal Posts: 425 Deckhand
    Fishesman wrote: »
    Great pics and vids! Nice to see some shots of healthy looking bottom in those depths. Is there any sign of red tide damage in the areas you're diving?

    The damage starts between 45 and 55 in most places west of Homosassa. Some of the wrecks in 50 foot that got wiped out are starting to recover but it will be a while. I'm going to do some exploratory dives out in 60 and 70 foot as soon as we get some flat seas.
  • Big Bend BrianBig Bend Brian Posts: 1,410 Officer
    Great report, photos and video Butch. You always have great posts.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to diving CK with my kids over the next 2 months.
    Thanks for posting!
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,704 Moderator
    Thanks Butch.
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  • Wishin i was fishinWishin i was fishin Dunnellon FlPosts: 909 Officer
    Awesome pics and videos man! Its really cool to see all the life down there.
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,533 Captain
    Its a whole different world down there.. Always nice to see what we are fishing on for sure...
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  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,226 Officer
    Great video! I've used our GoPro to film dives in the keys, and it's great to relive the dive that way. I've seen some Snook, but not a huge school like that. You've got the Hogs covered.
  • killintimekillintime Posts: 239 Deckhand
    Awesome, thanks for sharing...Gag clock...tic, toc, tic, toc...
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