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Panfish Identification

About a month ago I made a trip to Philly where I participated in a Catfish Tourney (I never fish for catfish) hosted by Extreme Philly Fishing's Leo Sheng whom I met online prior to visiting. He considers himself a species angler and is one of the few people working to keep a community among anglers in the Philadelphia area. When you Google fishing in Philly his blog is pretty much the only thing that comes up. If you are ever in the area I would hit him up he is very knowledgeable and willing to help. Anyways he was recently down in the Central Florida area celebrating his Honey Moon in the Winter Haven area I believe and he was able to sneak away and do some fishing. He sent me some pictures of some Panfish and I can guess what they are but I'd be lying to him if I told him I knew exactly what they were. I'm not a Panfish angler and its been years since I targeted them as a kid. I'm going to post the pictures he sent me and take your feedback. Again I've done some research online and I can guess what they are but I'm not 100%. My guesses were Bluegills and Spotted Sunfish. Thanks in advanced for the feedback.


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