Looking to build my first rod: Inshore, split grip, 7'3" fast action and need advice

I am looking to build my first rod and I am going to purchase everything I need next weekend. I live in Tampa and I am curious if there is anywhere closer than Mudhole in Orlando to get the supplies? Also that can match the Mudhole prices? I went to a local tackle shop that had some stuff but the prices were way higher. Do you know anywhere closer?

It's going to be a spinning rod, aluminum reel seat, EVA grips (I think). I have a 7'6" Star Seagis rod so I am looking to build something of at least the same quality and feel. I am going to be putting a Stradic 3000 on it when it's done and use it for mostly wade type fishing and eventually in a kayak. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Jetex2801Jetex2801 Posts: 540 Officer
    My suggestion is think long and hard on the aluminum reel seat.. With that being said if you go with one make sure it'll secure your reel tightly before buying.
  • XafXaf Posts: 1,059 Officer
    I;m not familiar with the Tampa area but I doubt you will find anywhere locally that beats Mudhole prices. If you know what you want you can try on line.
  • TedPTedP Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    If you are ever in the Lake Wales area, check out Bridgemaster Fishing Products / Fisherman's Candy Store. It's not all fancy like Mudhole and I don't know if they ship but the prices will beat MH any day.

    MH is great if you go there. Great guys. Shipping is ridiculous.

    Also, Get Bit has competitive prices and a better shipping policies.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,592 Moderator
    Fastest way to Mudhole (Ovidio) from Tampa is US 60, and you have to drive right past Bridgemaster. Several stores in the Tampa area carry rodbuilding parts, one being Tarpon Fishing Outfitters in Holiday, and another is Betts Fishing Center in Largo. I don't know if Minnows & Monsters carry parts - when Penny owned it, they did.
  • Croaker JOCroaker JO Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    99% of all rod builders learn to work with web suppliers. They are very helpful on the phone and can set you up with needed components and the tools you will need. You can make the trip to Mudhole but by the time you get home you'll need to turn around and go back for something you forgot. Mudhole is great, but there's also The Rod Room, Swampland Tackle, Lureparts, Get Bit Outdoors...plenty of others.
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    TedP wrote: »
    . It's not all fancy like Mudhole.
    Fancy is not the word that comes to mind
    Fastest way to Mudhole (Ovidio) from Tampa is US 60, .

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