LOW water big snook YT 6/11

Went out today but got a late start due to me actually going to class for once. Saw what the radar looked like for the morning with the storm pushing up from the Tampa area and decided I may as well go anyways. Left the house around 11 and on the way there I looked at the radar and wouldn't you know it, another storm blew up just south west of Cedar Key... Luckily when we got to the ramp it was starting to die out and go north east instead of towards us. So we ran out and started fishing around 1. Going out I noticed the water was already low, abnormally low for it only being 2 and a half hours after low tide. That turned out to be the case all day. Started working an area and seeing some absolute monster reds, but because of the low tide it made working the trolling motor a little hard without spooking fish. On top of that, you could only see about 6" into the water, which made seeing the fish before we were on top of them impossible as well. All the rain has dumped a lot of freshwater out there. Well, decided to drop the power pole and slowly work the edge of a bar off the shoreline. One of my friends who has been wanting to go finally got to go, so she walked to the front of the boat and threw into the school of mullet that was going crazy and boom! I heard drag screaming and saw a wake that looked like a torpedo going through the water. Had to pull the powerpole up and chase it for a little bit then finally it stopped making the long run and came close enough for me to realize it wasn't the big red I thought it was. Turned out to be a 32" snook! First snook on our boat for the west coast and definitely the biggest snook I've ever seen brought in a boat that I was on.
We caught a few reds but nothing super picture worthy, the water was way too low to stay and fish the inside, so we ran out to the trout grounds. Making our way out there, it was still shallow. We ran out to the trout stake and passed it, and it was still only 3' deep. Didn't feel like running out deeper as it was already 5 o clock and almost slack tide. Water temp was 86 degrees out there and we didn't catch a single trout to complete the slam. Still a beautiful day out there! No wind made it quite hot though. Good luck this weekend guys!


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