Help with indexing spark plugs

electrodogelectrodog Posts: 141 Deckhand
Motor is a 2006 75 etec that I bought used last year. The previous owner didn't have the plugs marked and everything I find online confuses me a little bit more. Here is a picture that shows the red mark I made on the plugs and the direction they are facing.

The engine is vertical and the top plug open gap is at approximately "7 O'clock, where the red mark is. Is this correct?
Am I basically ok if the open gap is somewhere between 6 and 12?


  • BillgranBillgran Posts: 341 Deckhand
    You have about 180° of leeway when you index the sparkplugs. Use an accurate torque wrench for best results.

    This video should help you to understand the procedure.

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