5-30-15 report (mahi, mangrove snapper and MUTTON)

We got a nice and early start on Saturday and headed out. I had heard the weed lines had formed and was ready to hit them first. THEY were wrong. Once again, lots of scattered weeds EVERYWHERE. lol As one person said on the radio, the word of the day was "bird" and man we saw a ton working in 600 feet. Not long after we found them, the first dolphin was coming over the side. Nice little lifter for my buddy's wife.
She was happy as the last time we took her out, she only caught a barracuda. No followers once again so back on troll we went. We got out next strike in 800 feet after following 3 more birds that were working south. Another nice lifter in the box and yep, you guessed it, no followers.
Chatter on the radio made me want to go a little deeper. We made our way out to 1200 feet and we just could not find them so in we went back to the area we got the hits. On the way back, we had a very nice strike and run but we lost it. Ran right at the boat and had WAHOO written all over it. You win some and you lose some and since we got a wahoo last week, it didn't sting at all. We hooked one more school size dolphin on the way in and lost it lifting over the side.
The weather was great and on the way in, saw 2 turtles.
I was looking for anything under them but nobody was home.
It was lunch time now so I went to the reef to hang out a little. While there, we put 5 small mangroves in the box and netted some live ballyhoo. It was time to fish again. lol
We drifted from 200 - 100 feet in a fishy area and picked up this nice mutton. 3/4 of the way up once it started to float, we started to get excited. My buddy was the one that caught it and high fives from everyone in the boat.
The fish was 12 pounds and took up the entire Engle 80
Nice mix bag at the end of the day. We lost some fish but also caught some so all in all it was great.

Until next time,

Laubster Tales out!


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