Crystal River with Megan and Solomon 5-29 Offshore and Inshore Spearfishing

Had decent weather so Megan, Solomon and I headed offshore. Started at a wreck in 15ft caught alot of small grouper, grunt and snapper, then caught 1 small cobia. There was a ton of blue runner and small mackeral to keep us busy until another boat decided to drive over it 10 times so we left. Decided to head to the reef in 30ft, ride wasn't bad at all. Got there and the water was super clear. You could see fish on the bottom! Jumped in to get a better look there was grouper, snapper, sheepshead, hogfish and grunt everywhere. But I can't dive that deep but it was beautiful! Forgot to get a video on the go pro :banghead. Saw a barracuda and goliath grouper that scared me so I got out lol. Had a few big fish break me off and hooked something huge which I think was the goliath, and a barracuda chased alot of our fish to the boat. Went spearfishing once we got into shallower water and got some more snapper a sheepshead and a nice flounder. I also saw a ton of scallops around the foul rock area which is much farther out than I usually see alot of them. But didn't see any at all where I usually find them in shallower. Everything was caught on shrimp, and we only bought 50. All in all it was a really fun day

Go Pro Video


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