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The fish are laughing at me

Fished Guana north end/west bank last Friday. Used artificial sparkly gummy bear cast and retrieve thingy. Does not look like real bait (would look better as a nail polish color) but this is what the Captain D. (my man) hooked me up with. No fish. One bite but that was probably just the fish playing volleyball with our bait. Highlight of the trip was seeing two fuzzy raccoons on the bank who were also probably laughing at us. Captain D. claimed talking scares off the fish....is this true? When I stick my head under water in a pool I can't hear anything above. Suspicious.

Fished Matanzas inlet near the bridge side last Saturday. Used spinny gold thing alongside an artificial fish fully loaded with 6 hooks. This bait was bada**. That said, I would not approach anyone on the street with all sorts of weaponry hanging off of them and neither did these fish. Captain D. also got skunked. I think he was using a sparkly gummy bear shrimp thing which was missing half of one eye.

Would like some suggestions on where to fish in these areas (I fish in the evenings) and what type of bait to use. Ideally I would like to catch something really cool (like a big flounder, redfish, or trout) and out fish Captain D. He fishes quite a bit without me and always seems to come home with a full cooler on those trips.


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