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Today's you can't make this stuff up column



  • chubascochubasco Posts: 18,390 Officer
    navigator2 wrote: »
    I think YOU are going to miss the Skidmark in the britches more than I if the corporate byatch get elected. The **** will make me laugh more than you think. She is more Ronald Reagan than the Organizer in Chief and will probably give you more tax breaks than you ever dreamed of. You effing crack me up. You know I am being honest, at least admit it! :grin

    Repubs will love her then right. BTW, no "if" just "when".
  • Captjohn5150Captjohn5150 Posts: 1,698 Captain
    I'm an old school palm beach republican.....very conservative......the problem with the repubic hair party is they are NOT republicans.....they are the POS yuppie aholes of the 1980's who have got into power....the buy now, pay later crap for brains.....those morons are what we have in office for the party.......now get this.....the closest thing to a conservative now a days is the Democratic Party.....and they are nothing like the old good old boy dem's we used to have....but at least they are not those POS sell out yuppie aholes....so we have NO one on the Republican side I would even vote for....period....Hillary Clinton the first female President of these United States.......She would have to be convicted of capital murder for the repubic hair party to even have a chance at winning the White House.....let's face it, people can't stand the direction of the Republican Party right now.....it's on life support and dying....Hilary is a liberal republican running on a Democratic Party ticket.....Bill Clinton was a good old boy conservative dem on some things and liberal rep on others.....why it works, give and take.....
    For the love of all outdoors recreational activities....what my spelling is off, that will learn ya. Pimping ain't easy unless u went to FSU, its a BS course.
    What do u get when you can connect the dots, color inside the lines, and get your release papers.....sentence served, times up at Felon sentenced university.
    Floridas first woman's college.
    The only difference between FSU and all the other colleges are other colleges accept you into the university's. At FSU you are taken into custody.
  • navigator2navigator2 Posts: 22,511 AG
    chubasco wrote: »
    Repubs will love her then right. BTW, no "if" just "when".

    There is no love anywhere for a ****. You can smell that **** byatches crotch from "the enlightmentment of the sea of idiots" in your own locale.:rotflmao
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