WAC 5/29/15

Headed out to Waccasassa this morning with my GF to try and get some trout and maybe a cobia or two. Was on the water about 7:45 and headed to the grass. Trout bite started off good but a lot of shorts but were consistent. Only wound up with two big enough to keep but got a couple spanish macks as well. Caught five small sharks trying to get cobia the biggest being a 3ft bonnet head. The tide went slack with no current at all so we headed to try and find a red or two. No luck there either saw a few rat reds but none were chewing. Headed back to try the trout and a few more shorts were waiting but nothing great. Shortly after a strong wind came in so we headed back about 5:00. All in all a slow day but no complaining with good weather and a relaxing day on the bay.


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