Boat stores other than west marine- st pete

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Hey guys just got a little skiff that needs some elbow grease. I hear west marine isn't the best place to get stuff- so what are your thoughts on stores in the area? I can google but it'd take me 4 days to check them all out. Where are some places that have treated you fair? Also any recommendations for tohatsu mechs?



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    Hey Bly, welcome to the forum.

    I'm not from that area but several members are. I'm sure someone will chime in with a recommendation.

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    TA Mahoney's is a great local owned store in the Tampa area. Not sure how close you are to it though.
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    Boater's Republic on 4th street and Dog Fish Tackle in Pinellas Park are both nice stores.
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    Depends what ya need Ace has cheap SS hardware...
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    Thanks guys. I'll have to check it out. I basically need everything lol. I cleaned her today, next step is get steering and shifter cable. It's just a simple J16 so not much to it. Battery and fresh fuel see how well it runs. Then most likely rewire it and remove live well. Trailer lights are iffy also. Water pump, oils, filter (oil and fuel), plugs and what else for the engine?

    Probably throw some fiberglass on it and do some painting. It needs a little patching in a few places, nothing too structural.

    I'll do some searching, but what is the generally accepted way to painting the outside? It has some heavy duty bottom paint and the white gel coat isn't shiny- is it worth detailing a 95 j16?

    How is Star Marine? Are they pretty good? I guess I'll check them out for these cables tomorrow.

    So yeah pretty much everything.

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    well long day. Pressure washed and bleached the boat. Put new steering cable on. did spark plugs, fuel filter, engine oil. The foot is draining in a bucket since i had to do the impeller. Wasn't too bad but the metal cup in the plastic deal was a struggle. also did shifter and throttle cables. Also did thermostat. Was a little eh not clean? Having a hard time getting them synced up. Also, i think my hand throttle dealio isn't 100%- the button for trim and tilt is like it's sticking.

    Went to Northeast marine. I think that's a good spot!

    Next step is wiring. It's bad
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    Cost Plus in Madeira Beach.,-82.790792,3a,75y,24.36h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sV7bo0wLKzUG9ExFxoX7FbQ!2e0!3e2!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf353b2aaa2510eaf!6m1!1e1

    F.I.S.H. (Fishermans Ideal Supply House)

    You can order stuff through either. Also, don't be afraid to order someo supplies online, When I rewired my Grady the vast amount of items I ordered via the net.

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    come to piros bait and tackle ill take care of you
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