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Aerator airlock

I have a 19'6 sea fox bay boat. Since owning it the aerator will air lock when first putting boat in water. Have switched aerators to one supposed to be anti air lock. Have no loose connections, have shortened connection from pump to peacock. No luck. Have to undo hose from livewell and get a mouthful of salt water to get going. Not drink of choice at 5:30 am. Any help appreciated.


  • sicksecbeamersicksecbeamer Posts: 191 Deckhand
    We have the same problem every once in a while, luckily we have a raw water wash down i just stick the hose on it and back feed it with water then kick the pump on and voila it starts to work.

    I know that doesn't help much :/
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    The intake and pump need to be below the waterline. The hose leaving the pump should gradually rise up to the live well connection, picture an air bubble that should flow freely up and out of the system. Loops, going down then up again, etc can create impossible problems.

    Every water pickup should have a proper seacock with a shutoff valve. Often, minor problems can be passed by closing the valve and then opening it while the pump is running. A high speed pickup can also help hose routing problems, because you could run and help force it through. But your going to have issues until it is properly setup, where the system won't inherently trap air bubbles.
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