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Has anyone else caught, not snagged, manta rays in the St. John's?

Was fishing off a dock today on the river. I was concentrating on trout, reds, etc.
I always throw a heavy duty fish finder rig towards the other side of the river also.
Reel started screaming, I was hoping maybe it was a big red, or possibly a shark.
I've caught enough stingrays to know that something else was on my line. Turned out
To be a manta ray. Probably 3-4 feet from tip to tip. I assumed it was snagged, however,
Was able to bring it to dock. Hook was in mouth, I decided to leave it there, after cutting leader.
Just curious if anyone else has had this happen to them. Was using twenty pound test, on a shimano
Bait runner, with a 50lb leader and a 3/0 kahle hook, with a dead shrimp.


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