Yankeetown 5/27

Decided to skip class today and catch the topwater bite this morning. Well, didn't exactly get anything on topwater lol. I had 1 snook blow up on the plug but miss it. Anyways, still glad we went early. Started fishing about 7:15 and started catching fish almost immediately. We were fishing on a little bit of low water so we stayed to the outside and it worked well. Caught a couple shorts and some lower slot fish while we waited for the water to rise. Finally once the water rose back we went. And man that didn't disappoint. We didn't stop for shrimp today so everything was artificial. Jerk baits and weedless swim baits. The fish are still schooled up. Stopped at our next spot and boom! Nice 23" fish. Well, I net that fish and sure enough my step dad next cast busts a 27" fish!
Well after catching a few more fish we decided to go explore. Made the right choice. Not 100 yards from where we started, my step dad gets another 27" fish!
We clean up after that fish and I hook a giant. Well, about the time the powerpole hit the ground he ran right for it and out the other side. Needless to say that fish wasn't landed... But I made up for it!
After another hour of fishing and my step dad boating another 26 3/4" fish, I busted this one!
34" and 10lbs. Took me for a ride. Shortly after that fish we decided to just call it a day. We kept 2 fish to see what it would be like in a tournament setting and 12.49lbs was our 2 fish total.
We also invited them for dinner.
All in all it was probably one of the best days I've had fishing for reds. Definitely had fun. Tight lines this weekend guys!


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