Memorial Day/Dad's Birthday With The Family 5-25

For memorial day my parents, girlfriend and I went out in the boat. Did some fishin in the barge canal, caught a bunch of silver trout quick with some whiting, jack, catfish and a stingray mixed in. Then went to the closest island to grill up some hotdogs and burgers and do some fishing. Tons of bait around, caught a mackeral and tried to use free bait like crabs around the island. And managed to catch 1 small red which was pretty cool. When we got back we had chicken and shrimp and my dad opened presents then we had a little fire in our little pit in the backyard. It was a beautiful day. The video is a bit long but I like to show a bit more so people get to see and hear my family and I enjoy watching my mom struggle with the jacks :grin hope you guys don't think it's too boring.

Go Pro Video


  • ron153ron153 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Glad you had a great time with your family and girlfriend on Memorial Day. I went out on Fri and Sun with my stepson and his girlfriend. We had a good day both days. Caught some trout, catfish, mackeral, and I caught a 31" hammer head shark on Sun. Only keeper was the mackeral. They were visiting from PA for 6 days. They also saw dolphins, a manatee, and a sea turtle. They enjoyed our fishing down here.
  • Wishin i was fishinWishin i was fishin Dunnellon FlPosts: 930 Officer
    Good to see you back out fishing! Brandi and I were out there Sunday. We got one slot red, a slot trout and 2 small reds anchored alongside one of the middle spoils. It was sooo freakin windy we were just trying to hide from the waves. Then of course as we were gonna head in around 2pm everthing started to calm down. :shrug
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,538 Captain
    Can't beat quality time with the family with something you enjoy....
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
  • BackyardAnglerBackyardAngler Posts: 356 Deckhand
    Great Show Justin, she don't need no steenking drag.

    I treated my out of towners the next day to a ride in through a lightning show that scared half the religion out of us (we were episscopalians). Ya did good.
  • Snook SpankerSnook Spanker Inglis / YankeetownPosts: 1,840 Captain
    Nice day w/ Momz>Popz and> Go Megan!!! What a great way to spend the day w/ yer Famz out catchin fish, eatin and just takin it eazy!! Those are the special dayz You'll always remember my friend!!! Thankz for sharing it w/ us!!!
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  • Ruff OneRuff One HomosassaPosts: 1,980 Captain
    Nice day on the water. It's neat to have everyone together.
  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,256 Officer
    Looks like a lot of action and a lot of family time, a great way to spend the day! Quality outing!
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