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Transfering waypoints from Lowrance HDS to computer, and back

tunamantunaman Posts: 3,767 Captain
I want to "rearrange" my waypoints. Using Lowrance HDS 7 and MAC computer. Can it be as easy as transfering from HDS to a SD card, putting them on computer, "rearranging" them and loading back on HDS?
I have dome this with music but never tried with waypoints. Thanks for any help.


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 858 Officer

    When it comes to rearranging your waypoints from your Lowrance to your MAC and then back again on a regular SD card, that's a question for Navico (which makes Lowrance). It seems like something that should be doable, but they're the ones that produce the unit, so they would know better.

    Hope that helps...a little.

  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Not to ask a dumb question but what does rearranging waypoints mean? What would be the difference before and after and what planning software did you plan on using to do it?
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