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Is anyone out there set up to reload 458 Winchester Magnum brass?

Just wondering. I've got some brass but I am not set up to reload it on my equipment - don't shoot it enough to warrant buying all the needed bits.

This beast makes a wonderous amount of noise and kick when you press the Loud Button


  • guido4198guido4198 Posts: 2,247 Captain
    I have enjoyed my .458 Win mag for a long time. After using it for it's intended purpose, taking Cape Buffalo and Elephant, I also fond that back here...it's simply too much to enjoy using those loads.
    To continue to enjoy your rifle, I would suggest you research mild cast bullet loads. There are a lot of commercially available bullets for that caliber from around 300 gns. on up. I shoot a 500 gn soft cast bullet over a mild load of powder and find it has no more recoil than a 30/06, but retains tremendous knockdown power for local game such as hogs.
    Just a thought for you.
  • wizard78wizard78 Posts: 571 Officer
    I use my Colt Sauer 458 and Ruger #1 in 458 Lott, for Florida squirrels. Makes for a lot of fun. :wink
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 528 Officer
    guido, you missed my point - I am hoping to find someone who is already set up to reload this caliber, not to start doing it myself. Yes, of course I will research loads, but first I need to find someone to work with to do the actual reloading. Thanks for the input, have a nice day.

    It was a caliber I'd wanted since I was a kid. I know it well and it's "intended uses"
    I use it for personal amusement at the range, not to chase Cape Buffalo down A1A. :)
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