Any ideas on to make my boat cooler

SnapperSlayerPompanoSnapperSlayerPompano Posts: 15 Greenhorn


  • dbourbondbourbon Posts: 110 Deckhand
    Add a show pony wearing little of nothing.
  • kanakakanaka Posts: 343 Deckhand
    Stay as far away from me as possible when you're WFO so you don't wake me out, that'll be cool.
  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 1,544 Captain
    Dont worry about what others think. As long as you like your boat, its cool to you!
  • S.S.TupperwareS.S.Tupperware Posts: 1,056 Officer
    Red Bull wrap? if not a Yeti Cooler, and some Costas...
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 2,741 Captain
    A team of 200 lb tarpon to pull your boat like the Budweiser Clydesdales do... now THAT's cool.
    Other than that the only thing that's going to make me look at you and your boat and think something positive is if you have a supermodel fighting a tarpon on the bow.
    Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
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