Best Beach Access Points Delray to West Palm

KFOKFO Posts: 109 Officer
Hi guys,

I'm getting pretty frustrated with parking down here. I guess I was spoiled living in the panhandle with miles of empty beach and huge state parks right on the beach that were barely half full on a Saturday.

I'm in Delray and want to learn the best beach access points you guys use. Any local tricks (like dropping off on one side, parking on another) would also be appreciated.

Looking to fish mostly Delray/Boynton area but figured I'd go all the way to West Palm to make this a useful thread.

The main thing I'm looking to avoid is pay parking or at least expensive pay parking (I fish several times a week and its hard for me to swallow $1.50/hr)

Currently use the Delray city lots but they are closed until 8am which is causing me to miss a lot of good fishing time.



  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 420 Deckhand
    how about the beach at east ocean ave between Hypoluxo and lantana. if you take it all the way to the end there is parking on the left and a walk up to the beach with a pre pay kiosk. never launched there but have been there a bunch early to fish the beach.
  • FlfjackFlfjack Posts: 646 Officer
    I usually drop my gear in the least sketchy spot I can then park and sprint back to my gear.
    East Boynton
    IG jack.bbi
  • 1OzLead1OzLead Posts: 352 Officer
    There are spots, just a few though.
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