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Action craft 1720 livewell valve set up

Biggary16Biggary16 Posts: 469 Deckhand
I have a 2006 1720 fly fisher and am having trouble figuring out the livewell/bait well valves. The water either drains out and I have to keep the pump always on or sometimes it overfills and spills out over the top. I know there has to be a sweet spot for the upper and lower valves but I can't find it?

I know there is the other T valve under the motor console. I use that one to completely shut off the livewell. But I keep it open or no water can be put in the livewell.

I would like to be able to fill it up with water put fish or bait in it and it hold water and I can run the aerator.

Any advice from other action craft owners would be appreciated.

Here is a picture of the valves.


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