Record Settting Day

Fishing Ponce me and the boy and his bassfishing buddy Alex. We knew it was going to be sloppy and it was but we hadn't been in a while so we just took our time and banged on out. We were going to commit to the troll mostly for the day and try to get some phins. Weeds and flyers were scattered everywhere from 50 ft all the way to 250 no rips, weeds everywhere and we spent a lot of the day cleaning them off our lines. At 215 the outrigger gets slapped out of the clip, quickly did a freespool then the ole pinksquirted seawitch was picked up and line was a peeling when we put the steel to him. I slowed the boat and looked back and this fish was jumping about 300yds back. Alex went to work pumping and winding. After awhile the fish came alongside we got a good look and seen he was a nice one and he got a look to see what had ahold of him and seen it was Team Dtm and sounded. We cleared all lines and the cockpit clutter. This thing is a beast and he is not going to give up without a fight. He stayed deep and when we pressured him he would pinwheel up like a Tuna then just before we could stick him sound again and run under the boat and try to get on suzys blades. We all stayed calm kept good communication between angler, gaffer, and captain and kept the pressure on. We gave him line when he took line and when he stopped took it all back plus some . He came alongside again shook his head wildly jumped and tried to catch the prop one last time and couldn't make it then he went back into pinwheel mode then he came into range and Randy sank the Gaff and into the boat.:cool This is the biggest Dolphin for team DTM and I have fished for them awhile and caught quite a few but this one is in first place. Now let me try to get that pic posted.

Dolphin bite was slow the rest of the day a couple of peanuts and weeds,weeds,weeds, did drop down a bit on the way in and set yet another record on a chicken rig. This beast bit lightly but once I put the steel to him I was thinking scamp all the way but to my surprise this hog came aboard. 2 records in one day sweeeet.



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