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Headin to Palatka Memorial Day weekend. We have a house at Buffalo Bluff for 3 days. Does anyone have any insight to the area this time of year? From Jax and fish a lot in the river but I don't have much freshwater experience(or any experience,lol) as far as bass, crappie,etc. Appreciate any help.


  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,547 Captain
    Hire a guide for as many of those days as you can afford.
  • roto7777roto7777 Posts: 2,545 Captain
    I have done well around the RR bridge on chrome blue 1/4 oz traps and 6A bombers. The runouts from the trees on the main river can be good for spinnerbaits, and the deep bends on Dunn's Creek will hold bass on a 6'black blue bass Assassin. follow the tides and you will follow the bait
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