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Snook in Lake Tarpon 05/13

Posted this in the west central but throught it might be worth sharing over here.

Put in at Anderson park to start prefishing for an upcoming bass tournament.

Worked some grass lines with swimbaits for about an hour without even a single blow up. After a bit more of this and just one bite at the mouth of brooker creek tied on a deep diving crankbait and started working my way down the south cove and into the out flow canal. Was marking tons of shad schools but no hits or even bass visibile on the surface for about another 45 unproductive minutes. That was until my crank bait stopped as if I'd hung a brush pile then line starts dumping off my bait caster. Fought the fish for about 10 minutes thinking my bad day off bass fishing was gonna end with a trophy size largemouth. When this snook comes up to the surface.

I know plenty get caught in the spill way bellow the ****, but I've never heard of any of the bass groups I know getting one in the actual lake.


  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,969 Captain
    I bet you thought you had the record, when that snook hit the afterburners.. I know that's what I would've been thinking LOL..
    nice catch!!
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  • If_it_flies_it_diesIf_it_flies_it_dies Posts: 1,133 Officer
    Nice fish! Here's a question that may be dumb, is there a size/ bag limit to saltwater fish caught in freshwater lakes? I've never encountered anything other than freshwater mullet in E central. Do they taste the same?
  • kmander3kmander3 Posts: 107 Officer
    I would imagine it would fall under the same regulations since the regs are for saltwater gamefish not fish caught in saltwater.

    If it had been in season I would have contemplating keeping since it was in the slot. Kind of a double edged sword cool that they are in there would be neat to have more but at the same time bass I can't imagine stand any chance against snook.
  • mccrackermccracker Posts: 354 Deckhand
    I'll catch slot snook on a lake any day over catching 10lb largemouth. The more snook the looser the regs in the long run! Freshwater snook are just as edible as the salties.... very similar to bass just a little more firm. Both great with bread and blackened seasoning.
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