10-4-11 planin hooky trip

Sorry but no pics for this report.

We decided that since the weather was going to [email protected] for the rest of the week to try and get out for some diving. Left PC pass at the crack of 9:30 and headed west into a brisk but following sea. I did the first drop in about 85 ft on a small but productive are and got 8 shovels to start. We did a move to some hard bottom out by the tarpon area and the visibility (which has been junk) was not bad at about 15-20 on the bottom. about 15 feet up from the bottom you could almost see the surface. It was very clear. However, not only were the jellies still thick, the guys in the grey suits were in full effect! The guys shot 4 red groupers and 2 flounders over a span of about 8 dives and each one resulted in a shark. The most aggressive was on Ron who had this 8 footer follow him all the way to the boat. He really wanted that red grouper. Another incident occurred while **** was in the bottom and had just shot a RG. The fish was till on the shaft when he has one on his rear. Actually kicked the shark with his fin, luckily spooking the shark off for at least enough time to get the hell out of dodge. I decided that I was not about to to battle with the sharks, so I didn't pull the trigger all day, but did wind up geting a total of 11 lobster. everyone else got shovels also and we ended up with a total of 33, with some nice sized ones. Ended with 4 red grouper and 2 flounder also, but the shooters risked life and limb for those fish.

The day was beautiful and the weather man nailed the forecast with winds in the am easing through the day and switching to on shore in the afternoon. We had a nice small following sea for the ride back to the hill. It was a nice day even with the sharks, but those dives do tend to spook me and I don't like shootin when they are around and know what is going on.


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    I hear you... Not a big fan of fighting Sharks off my shot fish... Stick w/the bugs...
    There should be NO Commercial Fishing for any fish species considered 'Over-fished' , 'Undergoing Overfishing' or Subject to Recreational Seasons, Limits, or Closures... Game Fish Status IS the Answer !!!
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    I hear you... Not a big fan of fighting Sharks off my shot fish... Stick w/the bugs...

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