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Lionfish Sting

Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
Have you or anyone you know been stung by a lionfish?

I started seeing lions on my last two dives and managed to net 2 of them on the last dive. I suppose netting them is not ideal since the potential for being stung is higher, but I'm not quite ready to start using a spear. So I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with a sting and how it compares to something like a moon jelly sting. on Wiki the article says "...venom can cause systemic effects such as vomiting, fever and sweating and has been lethal in a few cases." This sounds MUCH worse than a moon sting... So I figured someone in here might be more familiar...


  • vettepickingvettepicking Posts: 85 Deckhand
    my buddy got stung, chills ,sweating, an a pain that was 100times a jellyfish/wasp. and he was pale white and said he was going to die. so i think Wiki was right
  • StillinscrubsStillinscrubs Posts: 1,844 Officer
    There is a rather thorough report from a doctor on a lionfish sting. Reading it has kept me from messing with them. Google it. The report had pictures etc.

    Report was out of Australia if I remember correctly.
  • southerncastawaysoutherncastaway Posts: 55 Deckhand
    Just like vette above said it can be a serious deal. My father was stung in the hand and was in some serious pain. Ended up staying overnight in the hospital after all was said and done. Hand swole and had unbearable pain, hard time breathing, and sweating nauseau etc. on the ride in we were told to place his hand in the hottest water that he could stand to reduce the pain but that of course didnt work.
  • century7century7 Posts: 2,410 Captain
    I have heard they are not fun. But i think it depends a lot on the indivdual. I was at a dive shop and some there was stung recently and they said it swelled up and stung but did not require any medical treatment. Look at Bee stings, some people have serious issues when they get stung and others just get a little pain where they get stung and they do not even think about it.
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  • caldnsikcaldnsik Posts: 95 Deckhand
    I have a buddy who cleans a lot of the local salt aquariums, he has gotten hit once or twice and said it was no worse than a jelly sting.

    I really dont want to find out either way!
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  • CNTNDERfloridaysCNTNDERfloridays Posts: 41 Deckhand
    my neihbor has been stung in the leg... he said it was extreme pain but soon went away.. I spear and kill every one i see, i much rather that than net one. im sure it depends on the person though. side effects RANGE from alot of things.
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  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,029 Officer
    I've never seen (and I've looked for) reports of fatalities from lionfish jabs, but the envenomation is definitely much more severe than a moon jelly sting. The pain may be excrutiating, and people who have been stung have been known to beat the afflicted appendage(s) against a wall or floor in an attempt to make the pain subside. I'm sure symptoms vary considerably, depending upon the amount of venom injected and one's sensitivity to it. Lionfishes don't have venom glands with ducts; rather, the venom-producing tissues are in grooves on either side of the dorsal, pelvic, and anal spines, like the spine on a stingray's tail. Thus, the deeper a spine penetrates and the more spines that are involved, the more venom that will likely be administered.
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