Fuji Top for Shimano Terez

Any ideas on where to find the tip for a Shimano Terez Slick Butt Trolling rod.

Tip has a 4mm tube with a 12mm SIC ring. I am looking for the exact top, not just one that will fit.

I cant find it at Mudhole or other online stores.


  • Croaker JOCroaker JO Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    The frame is an HG. In the US you can find it currently in Gunsmoke and Black Stainless with SiC. No SiC in Polished Stainless. The guide is most likely a PHGST12(10), Polished Stainless SiC. It will not be easy to find since it goes on the rod when built in China and is not being stocked in the US. The closest substitute would be a HNNT12(10), a Polished Stainless HN frame with a Silicon Nitride (SiN) ring. Equally good, made for trolling rods.

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    As already noted by Croaker if you don't see it listed in any catalogues (mudhole, angler's workshop, etc.) then it's probably something not being imported as a component.... The good news is that you can probably find something with an SIC ring that's also strong enough and will probably give good service. I'm quite fond of the heavier PacBay tops for extreme workouts. Your real problem will be finding a super strong top with only a 4mm tube - you may end up having to build up your tip with thread to accommodate a top with a slightly larger tube....
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  • Croaker JOCroaker JO Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Rudefish indicated that the tip was 4 mm. That is a size 10 tube...tubes in the US for some reason use 64s of an inch as a converted size. 4mm = 10/64" or a size 10 tube. He can find the right tube in a size 12 ring but I don't think he can find the exact replacement. Shimano orders a number of products from Fuji that aren't on the international radar. That top for example is fairly common in Gunsmoke SiC but we have never stocked it in Polished Aluminum and it shows up as a special order in Fuji's price list. Maybe Pac Bay has one, or the HNNG.
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