Cobia Report

Headed out Saturday on my first trip on the beach this year.. yeah I been slacking but work has been flowing in.. we cleared the I mms let at 9a.m. and found the seas to be a bit bumpy.. we headed south and had the first fish in the boat by 11. Jason broke the seal and we had a 34lb first. Then an hour later on the next pod we spot 3 fish right away. I we double up and I have to baby mine in so the other fish could be gaffed. And of course mine rolls right off the jig at the boat. Both these fish were 35 +. So with 2 in the box and some high fives we get back on the same pod. I threw in first and immediately hooked another. Fought him to the boat and yet again he comes unglued. I'm furious at this point. Sat down for a sec and let the boys sling some baits in. After fishing the same pod for 40 minutes we decide to go find a fresh one, right before I climb off the tower I decide to pitch one more in and let her sink and bam another hook up. This time I set the hook I don't know how many times and muscle the fish in. Finally I get one on the gaff and it went 39lb.finished with 3 over 30


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