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Is it legal to ship my catch back from the Bahamas that is legal to harvest over there but not over here? For example. If I am there in January and catch a red grouper, can I send it home on a plane and be legal? What if it was a Goliath grouper? How about conch? To me the FWC website is clearly stating that it is legal however there seems to be a dispute on another posting I had. Here is the quote from the FWC website.
"Individuals may ship back any legally harvested or purchased fish, conch, or lobster back to the US by air carrier as specified by Bahamian and U.S. regulations."


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    Miami, FL. 954-746-4160

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    Try calling one of these numbers and talking with an agent in the office. You will also need to contact Bahamian Officials.

    Generally, if it is legal catch in the Bahamas and U.S. it is not an issue.
    My purpose on this site is to help everyone understand Federal Fishery Regulations and to provide information. Working with the Florida Sportsman is a collateral (volunteer) duty I asked for and enjoy; I will only give you an answer that I’m willing to put my name on and stand behind. Sometimes that means checking with other agents/offices in the area of concern.
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