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Any alligator fishing experts here?



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    Pilchard wrote: »
    Something else that I have found works equally as good, if not better, is using a metal pipe and cutting it to length with a pipe cutter(not sure of the technical term). The kind that you tighten as you spin it around the pipe. this method tends to leave you with a perfect edge and no need for filing.
    Pipe cutter, or tubing cutter would be the technical name. I got a pretty good supply of those and metal piles also. Being a plumber is good for something after all. :)
  • michauxiimichauxii Posts: 54 Deckhand
    Thought this post got through a couple of hours ago.
    I caught the Bull this afternoon.
    Wasn't as big as i had hoped. But a decent 9'8".
    He did not want to come in!

    We are having the annual Jefferson Pilgrimage tomorrow. Civil War re-enactments and a whole lot more. Laura is the president of the Historic JeffersonFoundation (google) and we are required to be docents at historic homes tomorrow as well as my alligator skinning.

    I'm so pooped that I'm staggering. Did I mention that alligator fighting is tiring?

    Again, I left the camera at the lodge, but I'll get pics posted after the Battle of Jefferson on the Big Cypress Bayou!

    When you boys see the pics of the lodge and the lake.. you'll understand.

    If ever you fellers and your families are up this way.... Lake ,Cabins and Hospitality will be open to any of you! No charge at all.
    Keep this in mind during bad hurricane season.

    Ya'll come see us and have a Good Time!
    Love to have Bonephish and Pilchard. Sure wish Gowge was still alive.
    Skipper Miller
    (903) 665-3006
  • michauxiimichauxii Posts: 54 Deckhand
    Capt John 5150, ScottK (Scoot) and Chief PO Rob from the lower Keys and Missy(?) who helped me with a put on a last fishing trip for my buddy (Kerry,40) who was dying of CHF.. I'll never forget that. Ya'll feel free to come up ANYTIME!
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