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Rocky cove 4-23

This is my first post so hopefully there's not too many errors. I used to fish CR and YT as a kid with my Father then I got too cool for that so it just kinda died off. The end of 2014 we decided to go on a trip with Mario out of CR and the itch came back quickly. I just recently got a little flats boat and started using Google maps and from memory as a kid start hitting a cpl spots. I haven't found the hot spots yet but have caught a cpl keepers here and there. We went to a spot that Google maps calls "Rocky Cove I used tides4fishing.com to look at the weather and tides, it said it wasn't going to be a good day but an incoming tide would be best fishing. So we got to the ramp at 2:30 and headed out. I tried everything I had in my bag except what my girlfriend was using after seeing her reeling in fish after fish I decided i would use the same. We were using gulp new penny jerk shad with a 4/0, 1/8 weighted hook. We caught a bunch of reds right at 18" so I didn't feel comfortable keeping those. She lost a nice red right at the boat, looked like maybe 23-24". They only took them on a pause or right after a pause and wanted em pretty slow. we were working the north shore line and going west to east. We manged a flounder and two nice size snook one right at 28 and the other at 30 both caught on the same bait using the same method. We were back at the ramp by 1800. Hopefully this wasn't too lengthy of a post. I can't seem to find out how to rotate my pic's sorry,


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