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New to Daytona area

albie26albie26 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
I am relocating to the Daytona/ Port Orange area in July. I currently live in southeast NC and fish offshore there quite a bit during the warmer months. I've been told the gulfstream is about 35 miles from Ponce Inlet. We have to make about a 60 mile run from where I live now. How close do the wahoo and tuna come in? I was also told it doesn't get quite as rough as what I'm used to, but just wanting someone else's opinion on that. Are there other inlets south of Ponce Inlet that are good to use?


  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    The western edge of the stream will be anywhere from 35-45nm from ponce inlet on any given day. Dolphin & Wahoo you can get on this side of the stream. Ponce has a hell of a wahoo fishery at the right time of the year. Tuna (yellowfin) you will typically be running 90-100nm for to the eastern side of the stream. Its a completely different trip going to that side of the stream and I'll let others with more experience chime in on that.
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