Yankeetown 4/17- Another good day!

This one is a late report as I've been busy getting back to schoolwork after fishing probably more than I should have last week!

After seeing the results of our 4/15 trip, DJ's dad decided to make the trip up from Palm Beach to check out the big bend and see if we could get him on some reds. We launched around 8:00 AM to our favorite conditions- a dead low tide that was just beginning to trickle in, combined with glassy, lake-like conditions. Aside from the billions of noseeums that hung around us the whole way from the launch to our first spot, it was absolutely beautiful.

We hit our usual incoming honey hole at the perfect time, with conditions that seemed too good to be true. After inflating senior's expectations about how all the stars were aligned for us to have a stellar day, we weren't making DJ's dad's trip worth the drive—one jack was all we had to show for after fishing there several hours :huh As we moved closer inshore to higher ground towards the top of the tide, we hoped that something would come along to salvage the trip.

Not 15 minutes after starting at this spot, DJ's dad gets slammed by a nice fish that is peeling drag. After a while, we see that it's a nice upper slot (possibly just overslot) red. Just as DJ is trying to scoop the fish in the net for his dad, it made an unexpected last run and cut him off on an oyster cluster not even two feet away from DJ's legs :banghead :machinegun:mad

We re-rigged senior's rod and seconds after he cast back out, he was on again! This one didn't get as lucky as the first, and in short time we had a nice 23" red in the box. For the next 30-45 minutes after this first fish, it was just like the Chinese fire drill that happens offshore when you're dolphin fishing and get into a good school :willynilly As DJ took a picture of me holding the first red, senior was on yet again! Talk about having the hot rod!

The action at this point was nonstop. In between countless underslots, senior lost another nice red, this time because of knot failure (and I tied the knot!), then landed another 20"er. Then it was time for DJ and I to get in on the action—we eventually got our own slots, at 25" and 23" respectively. Here is DJ and senior holding up the day's catch:


When it was slack high, the action slowed with only small underslots and catfish coming up every once in a while. We decided to give the outgoing a shot for a little while, but even after the water started flushing out good, the action had completely died out. Over the now countless trips that we've been fishing Yankeetown, I can't recall a single trip where we've caught decent fish on an outgoing tide (aside from messing with the big black drum in the main channel if that counts).

Anyway, despite the extended period of inactivity following all of that excitement, we couldn't complain—we had great, quality fish in the box, and headed home to prepare a delicious fry of fresh redfish, leftover snook from last Wednesday, and lobster that DJ had in the freezer from his last Keys trip. Life is good!



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