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Pompano Just wasn't enough...................

A couple of weeks ago my wife Shannon caught on 6lb Mono and released an extremely large Black Drum from the beach. Sunday we fished a stretch of beach in Panama City and did really well on Pompano........Dinner several nights this week will be much enjoyed.

Here's the part of the trip that caught me.

Well into our morning we had the start of a nice box of Pompano and as we tended the 4 light inshore rods, two 6lb and two 8lb............. Shannon baited one up and waded out a short distance and cast it as far as she could then returned the 8lb rod to the holder.........on the way back to her chair the rod went down and she promptly retrieved the rod back from the holder and put the heat on a heavy fish. I instantly think...........here goes another Black Drum or a Ray.....but the fish rolls on the surface a distance of the beach and she has hooked a Cobia. It's not huge and looks close to the minimum. She stays tight on the fish from start to finish and I assist at the beach in landing the Cobia which measures just over 30 inches. A nearby angler assisted in the Picture taking and almost missed completely but it was drizzling rain so our phones were in the truck.

I guess her next target is.............wait for it..... wait for it..... a

Great White.

Great Day right there.


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