4/13/15 with Swampthing07

Had another chance to fish with Justin and his wife Kayla for a half day today. I could tell that Justin fishes with Brandon and Kevin alot because they were on fire with the redfish today. Must be some of that Ray family mojo rubbing off or something. Got to tussle with some big uglies and snook too. Kayla had a good one on for about 5 minutes but it shook the hook about 10 feet from the boat. It looked like a slot sized snook.

Justin got to catch his first tripletail also. Kinda neat to sight fish at 25 mph. Had a second one in our sights but that one didnt want to play. They ended up taking home their limit of reds and a trout and a tripletail. Probly enough there for a few fish tacos.


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