IRL 4/12/15

Well the offshore plan got scrapped so I headed inshore today. Got on the water a little late, around 8ish and ran to a spot I have fished a lot. Saw a lot of mullet so quickly netted about 2 dozen fingers. Threw one out while casting a jig around and within 30 minutes got hammered and fish came undone quickly. Re-rigged another mullet and put it in the same spot and a couple minutes later got hammered again and this time stuck the hook in em. After about a 5 minute fight landed a 29" red. Fat belly full of those mullet I assume. So I quickly threw out 2 more abandoning the jig and got bit again but couldn't get a hook set and a scaled mullet came back. Went cold and decided to head deeper for trout and quickly landed a 16" one that made it home. Caught about 6-7 others before a rain cloud headed our way and we called it a quick day. Pretty productive 4 hours out there and only saw one other kayaker all morning, back at the ramp before 1. Here's a pic of the red and a couple trout.





  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,940 AG

    Weather man missed the forecast down here...we had a couple hours of dead calm....had I known....I would have ran the beach.
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  • mcsnookmcsnook Posts: 173 Deckhand
    Nice red. Water sure looks clean, I couldn't find clean water where I was. What did you catch the trout with?
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,715 Captain
    Yeah, it was really makes still at first which made me wish I would have gone out of the port as well. My girlfriend was with me and she enjoys the flats better so that's what we did. She even caught her first 2 trout.

    The trout were caught on DOA shad tails, black/gold speck on a 1/4 jig head.
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