Miamimuttonman Report the latest trips and report on the mutton bite

The muttons are biting better, they didn't bite as expected on last weeks full moon, but we did get some big fish each trip and they should be more numerous, very soon, as there eggs are very developed for the spawn coming up, these fish are taking fresh ballyhoo, speedo, and bonito chunks carefully presented on the bottom, with long leaders and a non bouncing sinker to hold it there, between depths of 85 to 180 feet, there's been, big fish as you can see the pics.
The grouper bite is on fire as, they are now carrying eggs and must be released, till the opening day coming up May first. These fish have made a come back after the regs set in a couple of years ago, giving them a chance to reproduce. Remember to keep a venting tool in your tackle bag at all times and remember lay the pectoral fin back,(that's the side fin) insert the needle at 45 degree angle, toward the head and lightly press the stomach, till you hear the air coming out through the needle, then place, the fish in the water and let the water run in his mouth with the current and he should shake off and swim down. many customers have asked me to show them this, so here is how.
as for yellowtail, they have been really hungry we have caught plenty on all trips and the kids and women have had a blast catching them, right behind the boat one after another.
The reef fishing will get better each day as summer is setting in and the Day time mangrove bite will be coming soon stay tuned for the reports to come.
I've put a few more customers lately on there biggest muttons ever some 15/16 and up to 18 pounds, have been biting, here are some bent rod pics and videos for all to enjoy. I want to mention one of the muttons, I caught had a big circle hook close to its liver as someone had lost it once, surprisingly this fish was fat and healthy, they are tough. Tight lines IMG_1879_zpsa696cd7d.pngIMG_1876_zps7ca31067.pngIMG_1881_zps83245d68.pngFullSizeRender_zpsbf9ccb3b.jpgFullSizeRender_zps5148462c.jpgFullSizeRender_zpsa50ce023.jpgFullSizeRender_zps3f843172.jpgFullSizeRender_zps86a30705.jpgIMG_1858_zps474b3484.pngFullSizeRender_zps96f78b0e.jpg my sonFullSizeRender_zpsef4b3586.jpgIMG_1854_zps70025e5d.jpgFullSizeRender_zps9ec0debb.jpgFullSizeRender_zps92c01fb1.jpgFullSizeRender_zps09cb8d4b.jpgFullSizeRender_zpsccfc1a70.jpgIMG_1771_zps8b4b7198.jpgFullSizeRender_zps7ae57c1a.jpgFullSizeRender_zps7750d9eb.jpgFullSizeRender_zpsed153c0f.jpg9db9e9c1-0343-40ce-b946-ac6672f3a995_zpsw25lnoah.jpgFullSizeRender_zps8bd914e8.jpganyone lost a circle hookFullSizeRender_zps7396d17e.jpgFullSizeRender_zps8c81bf03.jpgIMG_1782_zps8895a419.jpg here are the videos


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