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Somebody school me on how to catch squid

Been seeing reports of squid being caught in the PSJ Marina. Every spring I see where folks catch them in PC around the marinas. Going to be in PSJ this weekend and have my nephew coming into town. He's 6, which seems to be the perfect squid catching age, so I'd like to give it a try. So, somebody tell me how it's done. :cool:
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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,242 Moderator
    Seems a little late.

    I like it once.sun is down under a light. I'm sure full moon helps.

    Biggest thing is having squid there.

    Also, use small jigs if squid are small.

    I'm no expert and have not tried in several years. Last summer we got them offshore in obscene numbers. Was the dangest thing after years of night time fishing offshore. Had a long handled 12" dip net and I caught nearly a pound for scoop behind a light. One hour and we hadprobably 40 pounds of em.
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