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Beginners luck was right.

Decided i'd give this turkey thing a try to see what all the fuss was about.

Took my son turkey hunting the Saturday of youth weekend in Georgia. Walked the whole property calling and heard nada. Ok this isnt much fun.

Opening weekend of regular season my son was on restrictions so i took my neighbors grandson who was in town visiting. Got a late start and hit the woods at 7:20. Walked 150 yards and yelped. Nada. Walked another 100 yards and yelped. Gobbbbbbbbbble. Now what do you do. Yelped again to make sure i wasnt hearing things. Gobbbbbbbbbble. Put the decoy in the ground and got set up. One final yelp to confirm he's on the way and we get a louder gobbbbbbbbbbble. 5 minutes later Cleve put him in the dirt with the 20ga. This was easy. 2 lifetime hunts, 1 bird.


Then the aftermath of beginners luck reared its head. Next hunt we heard 1 gobble at daybreak. Next hunt no gobbles, but we saw a Tom following a hen. Next hunt i hear 2 gobbling on the roost but they are a long way away. This morning, 1 gobbled at daylight on the next property over.

6 hunts now and only 1 bird has answered back to my calls. Can't get one to shock gobble at daybreak with the owl call either.

It's like hunting a ghost so far.

Probably gonna check out a few WMAs this weekend that are accessible by boat only. Needing a change of scenery.


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