Mingo 3/28-3/29

Windy as all hell. Start of a cold front. Decided to load up the boat and camp. Sat was extremely windy, cloudy, and a lot of the water was blown off the flats so didnt spend any time really searching for the reds in the shallows. After having some trouble locating good water finally found a 31 inch snook and a 26 inch red to follow shortly after. Water wasnt moving much so bite died instantly. After feasting on some fresh viddles we decided to run out for a night fishing sesh. While going for some nice mangos landed a baby tarpon to complete the grand slam. 15inch mango popped a top water in channel, which was cool to witness. Day two was filed with another keeper snook at 28.25 inches and two more snook just shy of keeper status. Heart break then set in as 3 hook slips on some healthy looking snook. One of which was turned and out of the mangroves. Love/hate relationship with circle hooks. Had the pleasure of watching a 4th snook chase the bait out from his crevice knocking it off the hook. Of course this big momma came back out and swirled on the injured bait confirming she wasnt a juvi tarpon. This puppy was in the 34 inch plus spectrum.
Shipoke 18. Hoppin Chop, gettin skinny.


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