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NOW, small boat owners have events exclusively for low horse power and paddle boats. The AWFA is proud to announce they are bringing back by request their 90 H.P. MAX aluminum boat classes of competition as well as the 35 H.P. MAX tiller with paddle boats competition. These unique multi-species events are designed for weekend anglers only and feature 100% PAYBACK and were created to show case the back water angler. The EXTREM ANGLER CLUB (E.A.C.) events are sanctioned by the AWFA with a chance for angler teams to advance to the AWFA FINALS in each state with a chance to win LOWE boats and $25,000. The AWFA CPR EXTREME events are open to boats with or without live wells and features zero impact on the fishing resource, as all AWFA tours do. Two angler teams can enter the EXTREME CALCUTTA OPEN big fish event in conjunction with all E.A.C. EVENTS or go for the big pair E.A.C competition only. Entry fee are as low as $35 and anglers can join online at EXTREMEANGLER.CLUB web site. The AWFA introduced low horse power events in the Florida Everglades in 1993, (known as the Lite Tackle Club at that time). L.A. Leonard, AWFA director, was amazed at the mega fish caught by the small boat owners that could fish the out of the way back country waters that have limited access and low fishing pressure. Like all AWFA events the E.A.C. events feature unlimited size fishing and anglers declare the fish they are targeting in their close to home honey holes. Join EAC, you’ll be glad you did join angers WHO care about our fishing resource and environment. Events will be launched in Florida,South Carolina and Georgia back country river basins. Contact us at [email protected]
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