Dude, where's my tide 3/29

My plan today was to sleep in some and catch the last few hours of the incoming tide at Waccasassa. When I arrived to the ramp I found that it was anything but a high tide. The run out the river was white knuckle. I hit what I think was a log in the river but luckily didn't hit it all that hard. Then I drug skeg through some mud for quite some distance but fortunately had enough speed to power through. Skinny. The wind was howling out in the bay, coming from the NE and fighting hard against the weak incoming tide. The tide was supposed to be a +2.6 but it looked more to me like it was barely a positive tide at all. I fought my way to some islands and bars but the water was so low I could barely make it within casting distance of the banks. I waited a while but no water ever really showed up. That started to concern me because I knew the tide was now going OUT and it was already super skinny. It was also disappointing that the high tide didn't produce any fish... or any sort of high tide really. I was thinking by now that there was a definite chance I was going to get skunked. I made another run (more like idle) to a different creek that I'd never fished before. I figured if I was going to get skunked I might as well scout out some new creeks. I pushed way back into this one mostly just looking around when I buttoned up with a really nice fish that fought like crazy. It took me a long time to bring him in.



It measured up a little over 30 inches, I was pretty stoked. I pushed in further into the creek. I spooked one nice red which I didn't even see until he'd spooked. Then I hooked up again, and again it was another super hard fight. This fish was bigger though, over 32 inches. It had a head on it the size of a football, a real stud fish.



I fished a few more hours after that but didn't catch anything else and decided to roll around 5. Talked to a guy who said he'd caught a dozen under slot trout out on the grass flats. Sounds like the trout have made their way out there so I imagine action on them should be good soon.


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