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Prayer request for Ronnie

Y'all remember my brother Ronnie. He got a bad stress test result and Dr. Evans in Valdosta said we're not even doing an office visit. I am to have Ronnie at the hospital in Valdosta at 6 am tomorrow for heart cath. I hope they can fix him again with stents like they did 2 years ago. With them not even taking the time for an office visit though, I'm a bit worried it may take more this time.

Ronnie is now 70 years old and not in the best health. He's still smoking, drinking lots of coffee, and he survives on some foods that would bury a 20 year old. Honey buns, other sweet rolls....hell, let's just say he's in a long-term relationship with Little Debbie. :grin

6 feet tall and 150 pounds soaking wet. Already two heart stents, renal artery stents, and he's got that large stent in his abdominal aorta along with a fem/fem bypass to help leg circulation.

See why we need prayers? I am grateful for the folks here and your support.
Proverbs 13:3


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