Last 2 Days Lower Keys 3-25

Solo trip both days. Very thankful to find many bugs although not many keepers but am not complaining with 4 nice:grin:grin ones. I must say the viz was not that great and there was a ton of current which made free diving challenging to say the least as I almost was not able to get back to the boat with the last bug in tow....whew!:) Stopped at one of my spots on the way back, caught a ton of fish although not many keepers but kept 2 decent yellowtails. Also got nailed by a huge cuda who took my yt snapper, that thing wore me out after 25 minute fight :hail and eventually cut the line. My last bait of the day thankfully nailed a nice cero mack :dance after getting cut off several times.

Day 2 = nada:banghead:banghead:banghead on the troll, found a nice weedline in 350 but with a spread of ballys no takers. Found some birds working an area and went back and forth for awhile with nothing to show.....headed deeper and worked some decent rips but still nothing, headed back in to the reef and deployed some very old baits from my freezer. Thankfully the bite was on:cool::cool:, my freeline yielded many decent yt's but only kept the bigger ones and also nailed several keeper mangoes but only kept 1 14 incher. Of course several grouper were caught including 2 keepers, all returned to the sea. Always enjoy being back at my home down here and hope to get back in the water after some over due chores:machinegun. Cheers and tight lines to all.


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